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As Seen On <br> ABC's Funderdome Starring Steve Harvey <br>If you have a hose, you need a <br>Hose Hooker!

As Seen On
ABC's Funderdome Starring Steve Harvey
If you have a hose, you need a
Hose Hooker!


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Hose Hooker Hands-Free Hose Holding

Hose Hooker Hands-Free Hose Holding

Trouble holding your hose?
Make your life easier with this hands-free device!

Hose Hooker allows you to wash your dog, clean tools, vehicles, sports equipment ALL hands free ... Fits in the rod holder of a boat for easy cleaning, take it camping and, with the extension feature, you can even clean gutters, reach and rinse the top of your SUV and water your hanging plants.

It's an easy way to keep checking things off your to-do list!

About The Inventors

About The Inventors

Lori Hyde and Joanne Dunn

Lori was frustrated when washing her dog Miley, needing a third hand to hold the hose while washing and rinsing her. Joanne is a mother of four active kids and grew tired of her laundry room being filled with dirty sports equipment, she wanted an easy way to clean muddy cleats and equipment before they made it into the house.

So, one day over coffee, the Hose Hooker was born!

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How do you insert the hose?

First, make sure the water is off. Next slide the hose into the appropriate size slot from the top by squeezing it or just setting it in. Then turn on the water and you are ready for use.

How do you put it into the ground?

First make sure the Hose Hooker is in the collapsed position, not extended, and push from the top straight into the ground.

How do you adjust the height?

Once you have the Hose Hooker inserted into the ground use the red lever to unlock then raise to desired height and lock into place with the same red lever.

I am interested in selling Hose Hookers, who should I contact?

Please send an email to

How do I get my product on TV shows like Funderdome and American Dreams?

If you have a product and need help getting your product on television, you can learn directly from Lori Hyde and Joann Dunn. Please send an email to for information.